• At OSAN, we are a fully accredited and approved NDIS service provider that offers short term accommodation & assistance.
• Our operational principles aim to enhance the lifestyle of our accommodators by encouraging independence and creating the group and individual opportunities within the community to make new friends, connect with a range of daily activities and build and develop skills and interests.
• With highly experienced, qualified staff, we have created a facility and environment that is extremely homely, comfortable, respectful, caring, safe and above all, enjoyable for our accommodators.

Our Support Services Include:

• Longer-term respite in a special facility or group home
• Regular, ongoing respite
• Emergency respite
• Respite for carers.


OSAN is a registered NDIS provider offering medium-term accommodation services in Sydney, NSW.
Our independent living services provide you with the opportunity to live the way you want. We offer people with a disability (NDIS participants) with tailored medium-term accommodation with as much support as they require.

Our Medium-Term Accommodation services will include the following:

• Accommodation availability for 90 days
• Can be acquired while waiting for SDA
• Safe and comfortable homes
• Community participation and access
• Independent living skills
• Daily personal supports

OSAN will work with you to offer a top-notch medium-term accommodation & develop a unique model of support tailored for you. You can choose when and how much support you need.
Our accommodation staff members are onsite all day, 24/7.
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