OSAN provides exactly what you need for a cleaner & safer facility. We propel in cleaning and maintenance services that exceed your expectations while meeting your budget. We set a high standard for our cleaning services for your resident, making sure your site is completely dust and germ-free.

Mould, dust and grime build-up coupled with unhygienic practices can often augment respiratory ailments in children & older adults. That’s why it is important to eliminate health risks altogether with dependable and efficient cleaning solutions.

Our team of expert-cleaners is trained to carry out our all kind of cleaning services complying with the Health and Safety laws in Australia. Our employees are dependable cleaning staff who can provide you and your residents a comfortable and safe environment.


At OSAN, we know that gardening can be one of the most cherished activities among older adults. It adds several health benefits to their life such as increasing stamina & flexibility, reducing the stress level, promoting relaxation and many more.

However, if they are suffering from some specific health conditions like heart disease, skin allergies or osteoporosis; gardening can rather prove harmful. In such cases, you must consider a registered NDIS provider who can take care of all your gardening needs while you can relax and stay free from all the negative health effects of gardening.

Consider OSAN & let our trained gardening team take care of all gardening needs like weeding, pruning, mulching & more. We will get your gardening done professionally using the right equipment. Give yourself more time to actually relax and enjoy your garden again, rather than working in it.

Our team offer a comprehensive range of gardening services including:

  • Mowing & Lawn Care
  • Lawn Restoration & Turf laying
  • Hard and Soft Landscaping
  • Watering System & Irrigation Installation
  • Plant Selection
  • Hedge Trimming and Pruning
  • Garden Mulching
  • Garden Clean Ups